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I just completed a request from bobbyj251. He sent me a couple of images, from which I was asked to complete one (however I choose). He recently asked me to complete the second image, but I do not have much time on my hands at the moment. But seeing as I may have some time coming to me soon, I was wondering if my stylistic choices (that aren't very unique anyway) are weighted enough that people would fancy requesting manips from me (no stories). Of course, there would be guidelines, such as only one image per person. You would have to send the images to me in a note (with a link to the image in your I would also be able to decline any request for any reason at any time. The images would have to be either your own or rightfully/legally/permissibly obtained if not yours. Finally, I will not do certain requests because I have neither the skill or interest in the particular TF. Take a look through my gallery, and if you don't see the animal or fetish or theme somewhere in there, chances are I won't take that request. For example, while I love looking at the many beautiful Mermaid TFs on dA, I don't have the skill and I don't have the interest in completing one. Of course, this is all speaking hypothetically. This is not a chance to start sending me your requests (YET). I want to hear what people think first. ;)



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